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May 13, 2020

What’s up Rhetoric Nerds! Welcome to RhetoricLee Speaking--a podcast about banishing banality, one speech at a time.

I am your hostess with the mostess, Lee Pierce, she/they pronouns, lover of rhetoric, professor of communication, and loather of cliches.

Join me most Tuesdays on YouTube, your favorite podcast app, or my blog at rhetoriclee.com for a whirlwind tour of the banality in culture, politics, and whatever was on Netflix at 3am.

Be sure to subscribe wherever you watch or listen so you never miss an episode. And I’d love to connect on social media--I’m @rhetoricleespeaking on Instagram and @rhetoriclee everywhere else. 

I promise to follow back but mark my words: if I see one vapid-ass quote about living, laughing, or loving come across you’re feed...Dueces

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