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BONUS: Juxtaposition and the Obama-Trump Inaugural Photos

July 26, 2020

Quick announcement after a long hiatus!


A lot is going on in the world. It’s a wonderful and terrible time to be a rhetorician #blacklivesmatter and #stillpodcasting


RhetoricLee Speaking will be back soon with a new episode feat. King Ezekiel of The Walking Dead. 


In the meantime, head over to the podcast Rhetoricity hosted by fellow rhetorician Eric Detweiler and check out a new episode featuring several analyses of juxtaposition (putting two things side by side to make an argument), including one from yours truly about discriminatory design in the Obama-Trump Inaugural photos. https://rhetoricity.libsyn.com/


Here's a little more from Rhetoricity:


This episode of Rhetoricity features contributions from four rhetoric scholars: Kati Fargo Ahern, Ben Harley, Lee Pierce, and Rachel Presley. Their pieces address questions asked by previous guest Damien Smith Pfister: "What juxtapositions in rhetorical studies have you found fruitful, generative, aiding in the process of invention or theorizing, and/or what juxtapositions ought we have? Is there a juxtaposition of two things that we ought to explore but we’re not currently exploring?"

The contributors respond to Pfister's questions from a variety of angles, touching on memoir, sonic rhetorics, everyday life, visual rhetoric, discriminatory design, cartography, and indigeneity. You can find the photos referenced in Pierce's piece here.

Sit tight and I’ll be back soon with the next episode of RhetoricLee Speaking!

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