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Drink Analogies Not Bleach: Fresh Prince and Trump’s Lysol Moment

April 28, 2020

Get a great list of fast and dirty strategies for constructing a kick ass analogy and listen to me mini rant about how Democrats ought to be out visiting the victims of bleach poisoning, sympathizing with those poor people who are so terrified that grasp at a desperate solution, instead of shitting all over them for being idiot sailors led by Captain Idiot on the idiot cruise.

Kicking off with Britta’s hilarious explanation of analogies from the recently revived Community, RhetoricLee Speaking is all about analogies this week--the good, the bad, and the structurally sound criminally negligent.

An analogy is the comparison of two things, tenor and vehicle properly called, for the purpose of transferring a single idea. Or as Britta puts it after Jeff hits her with the mansplaining, “an idea with another thought’s hat on.” Analogies are similar to metaphors except their idea isn't immediately apparent but with metaphors the idea is usually relatively self-evidence. Sometimes analogies are called extended metaphors for that reason.

When analogies go well they produce understanding, enjoyment, and the translation of a complex idea. When they go bad, they look like Dr. Phil trying to explain to Will Smith how sex is like cars cuz abstinence.

When analogies go well you get Obama’s classic cars analogy from the early years of the 2012 campaign as people were shouting across the country about the Republicans, “you can’t have the keys back!” 

Which begs the question: what kind of analogy was Trump’s implicit comparison to hand sanitizer during his so-called “Lysol moment” last week? Structurally sound but criminally negligent.

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